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Relaxation That Helps You Face the World

It's time to let the stress of the day melt away when you come in for a soothing facial. Our relaxation room in Naples, FL, is prepared to help you decompress. The soothing meditation music we will play will transport you to a place where your troubles can't reach you. Your lungs will be filled with sweet aromas coming from our scented oil diffusers. Your eyes will feel heavy following the dance of the soft warm light of candles flickering throughout the room.

Our facials are focused on providing total relaxation, clearing, and healing. We use Reiki energy to reach a deeper state of tranquility while healing energy goes to work on your deficiencies. Take advantage of our special offer that allows you to buy three facials for $190. Zentient offers these calming options for face massages and facials:

Reiki Candle

Stress Relief Facial With Reiki

This facial concentrates on a light exfoliation with a massage to the head, neck, and shoulders.

 Service Price
60-Minute Session $70
Meditating Room

Reiki Spa Facial

A light exfoliation of the face and massage to the facial muscles as we apply reiki. We will follow with the back massage. You may chose a swedish or deep tissue massage.

Service Price
1 hr 15 min Session $120
Package of 3 $300

Mini Facial

A quick exfoliation to the face with a massage on facial muscles that comes with a spritz and moisturizer. This helps with the flow of oxygen and releases all tension in the face and the head.

Service Price
30-Minute Session $45

Gentleman Facial

Receive a refreshing treatment on your rugged face. We do old-fashioned barbershop facials that use a foam scrub to clear away dead skin cells. We then apply hot towel to open the pores to manipulate your pores to cleanse. A revitalizing spritz and moisturizer will leave your face feeling like new. We end your session with a tension-busting head, neck, and shoulder massage.

Service Price
60-Minute Session $70

Prices for massages and facials do not include tips.


Licensed massage therapist

• Swedish • Deep Tissue
• Sports Massage • Neuro Muscular Therapy
Service Price
30-Minute Session $60
60-Minute Session $90
90-Minute Session $130
Package of 3  $225
Package of 6 $450

Massage Bed