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Insight Readings & Mediumship

INSIGHT READINGS: I am a clairvoyant/medium. I have been using my Tarot to help direct people in their personal and careers for over 20 years. My gift is to find the core of the issue and expose the options you may have to put you on a positive path. I will tell you who and what is in the way. Sometimes to your surprise! Being a Medium allows messages from past love ones to come across.

 Service Price
1 Session $65

MEDIUMSHIP:  Sometimes we do not have the opportunity to express our love to those who have passed away. This loss can create a void in our life, as our unresolved issues remain. Sometimes we receive much relief knowing and hearing directly from them, and what they are currently doing. These sessions are designed to bring closure with loved ones that have passed away. I begin my sessions by asking something only you would know.

 Service Price
1 Session $100

Combinition of the two sessions for $150.

Reaching Out To Loved Ones Who've Passed

Living with the burden of unexpressed sentiments can weigh heavily on your soul. You don't have to go another day with the regret of keeping your deepest feelings from a relative or friend who has died. Zentient offers sessions with a medium that can help you gain closure with loved ones who have passed away. Prices for mediumship may vary in accordance with each session.

 Service Price
Per Session $100
Per Travel Session $200

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