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The practice of meditation begins with quieting the mind and has nothing to do with religion.  As we condition our muscles when we go to the gym, we make them stronger.  Meditation makes the mind stronger and more importantly, structured.  There are so many benefits to meditating that we have yet to experience.  Managing pain; Teen tool to manage emotions; focus exercise for Students; Emotional and Spiritual support while going through a tough time.  Self-Development.

We at Zentient have over 20 years of Mindful Meditation experience.  You will learn posture and protection as you are gently guided in several exercises at your own pace.  As you teach your mind to focus, you will experience much more insight..

We offer:

  • Basic
  • Breathing
  • Guided
  • Reiki
  • Mindfulness
Meditating Room

Learn the basics of Mindfulness.  Our package contains Buddha’s philosophy and other philosophers to support the general lesson plan.  You will learn how you do not have to react to others.   You receive an outline and lesson along with an exercise.

  • Session of 1 hour: Lecture and exercise $20   Travel $50
  • Package of 6:  Lecture 1 hour and 30 Minutes of Mindfulness Lecture: $165   Travel $250
  • Group Sessions and Travel to your location for groups.  Call for details.

We have experience working in diverse settings such as:

  • Hospital
  • Hospice
  • Technical School
  • College/ University
  • Family Home