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Spiritual Development

When it comes to helping you tap into the hidden potential of your mind and spirit, Zentient does Reiki training and healing and teaches other courses to help you connect to your spirituality. Learn how to develop your sixth sense and meet your spiritual guides. We also teach self-protection during these hour-long sessions in Naples, Florida. Lessons are offered on an individual and group basis.

 Service Price
60-Minute Session $75
White Candle

Healing Through Knowledge


Service Price
6 Classes $120
1 Session $40
Reiki Lecture & Experience $75
Past Life Regression $100
Reiki & the Shadow Self $75

INTERGRATIVE HEALING: We sometimes suppress unhappy moments in our lives that become blockages that do not allow us to evolve.  These blocked emotions morph into unhealthy habits that unconsciously keep us from releasing them.  This session offers a gentle way to acknowledge what the blockage is and how to release it.  Each session contains a fusion of Psychology; Guided Meditation and Reiki. 

Service Price
1 Session $90
Spiritual Development $75
Crystal Work & Reiki at All Levels, proof of Mastery in Previous Level. Reiki & The Shadow Self $75

Buddha with Candle